About Erintide

I'm David O'Driscoll, Principal Consultant for Erintide, which I established in December 2018.

David O'Driscoll, Principal Consultant
Bringing more than 35 years’ experience bridging the gulf between technology, business and customers to deliver innovative and elegant solutions to real problems has developed my ability to translate between complex technical concepts and the operational language of business and lay persons. This complements my technical and architectural strengths enabling me to communicate technical information in concepts, diagrams and languages that business and clinical users can understand.

With a broad exposure to health, research, law-enforcement, construction, and engineering, across private and public sector organisations of all sizes, I understand that organisations need people that can capitalise on their management, leadership and technical skills to provide meaningful business outcomes for them and their customers.

Management of financial, risk, contractual, and human resource aspects of many organisations have supported my proven track record of project and product delivery within Australia, South East Asia and the United Kingdom.

I hold the following credentials and roles:

I start with a simple premise: “What problem are you trying to solve?” I then work with you to achieve that outcome, using a combination of sound enterprise architecture principles, realistic digital innovation, and a passion for taking data past information into knowledge. If your business wants to disrupt, rather than be disrupted, contact me for a discussion.

For a more detailed view of my experience, feel free to look at my LinkedIn profile.